Picpoul de Pinet 2018



Vol. 12.5%

Picpoul de PinetPicpoul, Languedoc, France

Info: The Grange des Rocs range is produced from vineyards located along the Mediterranean coast of southern France. Low yields and a ruthless approach to quality control means that behind the label lie some of the best value wines in the Languedoc. They use a cultivation method know as lutte raisonée which means that while they follow many of the principles followed by organic growers they do not wish to be bound by all the restrictions that this can bring.

Tasting notes: This wine has a light delicate fragrance with floral and fruit aromas as well as a hint of minerality. 

Pairing: It is a dry wine which has light and subtle flavours and is best served with seafood and fish or is perfect as an aperitif.